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10 Best Natural Weightlifting and Fitness Supplements for Female

Weightlifting and FitnessOver the years, when talking about fitness supplements, the first thing that comes to our minds is men doing workouts like dumbbell workouts for chest or lifting weights or rather drinking protein shakes to pump up their muscles.

However, ladies also need certain supplements in order to feed their muscles and recover them, but still look feminine.

The most important thing to have in mind is keeping a balanced diet that will give your body all the necessary nutrients in order to improve the performance in the gym, but also keep your mind sharp and promote your overall health.

  1. Iron

Exposing your body to an exhausting workout should always be followed by good rest and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to restore your strength. The most important mineral, essential for all body functions is certainly iron. Its main function is transporting oxygen to all blood cells and if iron levels in your blood start going down, the first syndrome is fatigue and the weakened immune system.

That is certainly something to avoid when working on building your muscles. Increased consumption of food rich in iron will give you benefits almost instantly.

You will notice that you have more energy and greater endurance. You will need less sleep and be able to focus more on the planned workouts. Iron can be found in many foods, but there are also supplements that can fill up your reserves quickly.

Sources: spirulina, dark chocolate, liver, beef, lentils, spinach, sardines, pistachios, and raisins.

  1. Calcium

There are many functions of calcium, but the main is maintaining the health of bones, which is highly important, particularly when you train regularly. It aids the process of contracting and relaxing muscles, but also the transmission of nerve impulse and regulation of blood pressure.

Besides this, taking food rich in calcium will benefit you also later in life because calcium deficiency is closely related to osteoporosis. Women need more calcium than man. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only about immediate effects, but must be planned carefully in order to enjoy for many years to come.

Sources: milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, broccoli, spinach, kelp, sardines, soybeans, white beans, whole grain food, and oranges.

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is mostly known by the way it gets released – by spending time in the sun. It decreases inflammation and promotes muscle and bone health.

Even though it is easily accessible, still most people have vitamin D deficiency and if you wish to keep your body healthy and ready for all the exercises, you must increase vitamin D intake through food that contains it.

Besides calcium, this is the most important vitamin for promoting the health of your bones and also increasing the performance in the gym.

Sources: cod liver oil, sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, raw milk, caviar, eggs, mushrooms,  fortified cereal, beef liver, and sunshine.

  1. Vitamin C

This is the vitamin that is absolutely crucial and necessary on your every step to a successful workout, but it will also contribute to your healthy lifestyle to give you the boost you need. It is a vitamin soluble in water and it is the first line of defense against cold and free radicals, since it full of antioxidants.

It promotes tissue reparation, which is necessary when exposing your body to intense workouts in the gym. The important thing about vitamin C is that even if you take more than necessary, it will simply execrate from your body through urine.

Sources: chili peppers, guava, kiwi, green peppers, orange, lemon, broccoli, pineapple and mango.

  1. B complex

Each and every vitamin from B complex has a specific function in your body. Folic acid promotes producing new cells in the body, formation of red blood cells and increased cognitive function. Thiamin will increase the production of energy in your body. Riboflavin contributes to the performance during the workout.

Niacin is an important part of energy metabolism and it plays a great role in cholesterol and fatty acids synthesis. B6 breaks down glycogen and releases energy throughout the process. B12 maintains the health of nerve fiber protective layers and also participate in metabolizing fat and protein, which is very important since fat is a great source of energy.

The role of biotin is similar and a good thing about it is that the body needs very little of it, so it is almost impossible to have a deficiency. Vitamin B5 is important in keeping the energy level high, good coordination and enabling a good night sleep.

Sources: wheat germ, nuts, legumes, pork, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, beef, poultry, whole grain products, fish, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and fortified grains.

  1. Zinc

Zinc, FoodsZinc intake is necessary for proper immune function, but also for the synthesis of protein and DNA, healing wounds and division of cells. It is essential for training since it promotes growth and reparation of muscles.

Furthermore, it will help you sleep throughout the night, so you can get plenty of rest and get your energy boost. Besides, it will contribute to the health of your eyes and boost your immune system to protect you from all kinds of potential risks.

Sources: pumpkin seeds, beef, chickpeas, cocoa powder, yogurt, kefir, mushrooms, spinach, chicken, oysters, crab, cereals, lobster, Swiss cheese, oatmeal, kidney beans, and almonds.

  1. Caffeine

All of us have probably heard that caffeine is bad as many times as saying that it’s good. You may have started avoiding coffee led by the desire to live a healthy life and consume just the healthy food, but the truth is that caffeine can help you speed up your metabolism and give you little extra vibrancy.

It is a great stimulant and it provokes lipolysis, which means that fat stores are broken down in order to provide energy.  It will keep you alert, ready to face the challenges and focused, but it will also make your day better simply by enjoying your cup of coffee from time to time.

Sources:  regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, chocolate, chocolate milk and cocoa powder.

  1. Fish oil

Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil will help you keep your bones strong, your cholesterol level low and your mood high, but also significantly contribute to the health of your heart.

It is a great supplement for your overall health. Concerning that consuming plenty of fish is good, but there is a risk of containing mercury, there is a slight advantage of capsules over natural sources of fish oil.

Sources: mackerel, salmon, cod liver oil, herring, oysters, sardines, anchovies, caviar, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts, soybeans,

  1. Creatine

Creatine is a building block for protein and it is proven that helps with muscle mass increase. It is an ally of every person who wishes to define muscles and increase endurance.

When consumed, it accelerates production of energy, so you feel stronger and ready to face all the challenges. It also produces hormone of growth which leads to a longer workout, defined muscles and easier recovery.  Not only that, creatine contributes to the density of bone minerals, decrease oxidative stress and improve your memory.

There are also various creatine powders with various flavors on the market, but there are different opinions about it. Some say it is safe, some that you should avoid it. It is definitely something that every person should decide for themselves, but it definitely has some positive sides to it.

It helps in defining and increasing body mass though it may be safer and more beneficial to get or order the best pre workout for women only. Yes those formula packaged with results for women in mind.

  1. Protein

Protein is essential for building muscles and it also helps control hunger. Eating healthy and not limit yourself to only one food is the key, since each and every protein has different amino acids combination. The greater the variety of food you intake, the better the performance you can expect.

There are also all kinds of recipes for protein shake before bed that are tasty and easy to make. The base can be milk or soya milk, depending on your personal taste, add some peanut butter since it contains plenty of fiber, some Ricotta cheese, yogurt, fruit that you love – bananas are always a good choice, little oatmeal and that is it.

Blend it, pour it into your favorite glass and enjoy. This way, you will take lots of beneficial nutrients at once and give your body what it needs.

Sources: Swiss cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, ground beef, chicken breasts, milk with higher fat percentage, yellowfin tuna, salmon, anchovies, light tuna, navy beans, sardines, dried lentils, peanut butter, nuts, tofu and frozen Greek yogurt.

Keep a balanced diet

Eating healthy and properly is very important when it comes to working out and defining muscles. It is a whole science behind it, but try your best to eat a variety of foods.

The richer the menu you implement, the better the performance …

Weightlifting and Fitness

5 fitness exercises for sexy butt

Workout Female ButtOne of the main reasons why we go to the gym is to get a lean and toned body. This also comes with the longing for a firmer and rounder butt.

Squats and lunges may only get you so far. There are other different exercises you can try to achieve your goal, that utilize the 3 butt muscles; gluten maximus, gluten minimus and gluten medius.

We are big fans of at home work outs, because you can achieve your fitness goals right at the comfort of your own home. Get the right equipment and work your way to a more sculptured booty. Here are the top 5 ones, to guarantee you a sexy butt all year round.

1.    Better Booty Workout

Before starting each workout, you should first prepare your body for what’s to come. And what better way to do this than through 3 sets of combination exercises guaranteed to have your heart beating faster?

This is also one of the ways you will build lean muscle, and tighten your butt. You can do this routine twice a week, and progress to three or four times as you get better at it.

What to do:

Start with 1 set of 10 reps of plyometrics, sprints and other simple strength exercises. There should be no rest between each move, for a higher heart rate. Repeat the whole circuit two more times.

2.    Sprint, Back Peddle, Sprint

You already know about HIIT training. But did you know that they are crucial in helping your body burn fat, even up to 24 hours after your last workout? These exercises will give you far much better results that the regular cardio.

What to do:

In your lunge position, arch your back at a 45 degree angle and shift the weight forward. While driving through the big toe, take bouncing steps forward.

About 10 yards in, shift your hips back quickly and reverse the movement. Gradually back peddle to your starting point, with your chest up the entire time. Shift your hips forward and repeat the movement. That should count as one rep. You can do about 10 for a start and keep increasing.

3.    Straight Leg Dumbbell Deadlift

This routine goes a long way in toning your glutes and hamstrings. For the best results, opt for weights that really challenge your muscles, as they allow you to burn more fat. If you find yourself doing more than 10 reps easily, it’s time for heavier dumbbells.

What to do:

With your feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent, hold two dumbbells with your arms straight leading your thighs, with an overhand grip. Try bending at your hips.

While maintaining the position of your knees, lower your upper body all the way down. It should be almost parallel to the floor. Pause for a few seconds, then stand up. You can do at least 10 reps with a 15 to 40 lbs weight, depending on your fitness levels.

4.    Kettlebell swing

To get that sexy tush, you must be ready to combine both cardio and strength exercises effectively. Kettlebell exercises allow you to do just that, and lets you tighten up your butt in no time. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can just use a regular dumbbell for this.

What to do:

With your feet slightly apart, hold your kettlebell with both hands. Your knees should be slightly bent. While keeping your lower back arched, bend at the hips, and lower upper body to form a 45 degree angle to the floor.

Start swinging the kettlebell amid your legs. First straighten your knees and push your hips onwards, and swing your kettlebell all the way up to your chest level.

Keep swinging until you achieve 10 reps, with a challenging weight. This is usually a 17lb to 26lb kettlebell, all depending on your fitness ability.

5.    Jump Squats

Squats are the most popular butt exercises, as they target your quads, glutes and hamstrings at the same time.

What to do:

With your feet hip width apart and hips pushed back, bend your knees to lower into a regular squat and jump as high as you can. Try to land softly into a squat and jump again immediately. Do about 10 reps, while using your arms to help you jump higher.…

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Taking Women’s Fitness to the Next Level with Your Fitness Journal

Taking Women Your Fitness Journal

Do you ever take a look at healthy women who are devoted to their fitness program and know that you could be easily; just you’re a bit scared of that much success?

Possibly it’s because you know how much effort and dedication it requires to reach that level, or possibly it’s because you hesitate it will change you in some way.

Reaching the next level of women’s fitness will definitely supply lots of physical modifications. But it will also come up with modifications in the way you think, too. I’m speaking about having more self-confidence in whatever that you do. This brand-new way of believing will display in the way you manage yourself, the way you stroll and talk.

Your women’s fitness journal might be the most valuable tool to assist you work to the next level of physical fitness. Even if you have currently begun a fitness program, it’s never ever far too late to start keeping a fitness journal.

First of all, what is your target for your women’s fitness program? What do you wish to attain? Without these crucial details you will never ever know if you have reached the objective. Effective people pick a target and after that take objective. They choose where they wish to go, develop a plan to obtain there and after that remain focused till they achieve their objective.

Reaching the next level of fitness works the exact same way. That is why keeping a fitness journal is so important. Making a note of your target objectives, making a plan to attain them, and charting your development as you approach your very own goal will guarantee your possibilities for success.

Keep in mind to log whatever into your journal, even keeps in mind about your muscle pain and other discomfort or pain you have when working out. This will help to keep you focused and considerably increase your opportunities for success.

Your journal can help to take you to the next level. Every week you’ll need to tape your weight and measurements and if possible take a photo of yourself. Then select your short-term objective. This is where reading your old posts will be found in helpful. When you read your previous objectives, your techniques and your outcomes, you can much better figure out what works and what does not.

If you have not kept a journal before, choose one that will be simple to keep with you as you exercise. You can use a homemade one if you like or perhaps a spiral note pad. Simply make certain that the book is used just for journaling so it will be simple to chart your journey to success.

5 Benefits of Using Fitness Journal for Women

Ok, you started working out, you are eating healthy, trying to fit all together, but guess what? Without tracking your progress, your brain may start messing with you and you begin to think that you are not getting the results you wanted. The motivation may start going down the drain and your progress suddenly stops.

There is one proven and efficient way to avoid that from happening – keep a journal and not just any journal, but your own personalized, private fitness journal that will help you stay right on track.

  1. Transparency

If you write down your weight once you start working out and keep track of all the exercises you do in the gym, you will have a clear picture of your overall progress.

You will be able to check it anytime you like and the progress you have made will push you further to succeed. It won’t be easy just to give up when there is clear evidence of your progress.

  1. Precision

The brain is not perfect. One day you may remember every single exercise and a week later you may begin to wander if you skipped something or exercise more some group of muscles. This way, if you have it on paper, you won’t have to worry – it will be all there for you to see. You can create a workout plan and stick to it. Check it out regularly and change it according to your needs.

  1. Consistency

Once you create a plan, it will be easier to follow up the number of repetition, the muscle groups you want to work on and the intensity of workouts. You won’t have any excuses to give when it’s all there. By doing this simple thing, your only way to go will be up, since paper doesn’t lie.

  1. Integrity

We all know how hard it is sometimes to give up that last piece of cake. It is so sweet and like it calls you to eat it, but you wrote down your goal and that does not include a cake.

Now what? Well, keeping a journal is like giving a promise to yourself and letting yourself down is the last thing you want. If you still go ahead and eat it, you will feel guilty and won’t do the same mistake twice, that’s for sure.

  1. Focus

If you write down your goal it will be clear how to get from A to Z. You will have a starting point, your goal and the way to do it. It will provide the clarity you need that will save you a lot of time that you can invest in some better things than wandering from a proper diet and exercise to feeling guilty and starting over.

There are many templates online that you can use to track your progress or you can let your creativity go wild and create your own. Make sure you cover everything – exercises, diet, and your overall progress. Once you start, you will be happy you did.…

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Ways to Reduce Belly Weight with a Post Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy can be the best thing that happened to you. After 9 grueling months of carrying your precious one inside you, your life suddenly enters a new paradigm called parenthood.

Unfortunately, after giving birth to your child, some things may have been left inside you such as the essential fats needed for pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman enters a body state where she would need to gather and save up excess calories to ensure that the baby is healthy.postpartum workout

After the pregnancy, these things still remain inside mothers and would now be called “baby weight.”

This certain weight contributors are very crucial and important during pregnancy but after giving birth they can do more harm to you than good. Baby weight contributors are real weight contributors which mean that if not monitored well and removed, mothers can fall to the risk of being overweight and develop diseases in line with that.

Fortunately however, a lot of mothers have already developed numerous ways in order to shake the fat and weight off. Here are some ways you can reduce pregnancy weight with exercises:

  1. Yoga

Although not often discussed, yoga can actually play a big role in decreasing pregnancy weight. Yoga is a great post pregnancy exercise not in a sense that it can directly cause your body to lose weight but because it increases self-awareness.

During pregnancy, your body focuses on keeping a baby healthy but through yoga your body can get back to focusing on itself and removing what needs to be removed. All in all, yoga is a diverse activity with many styles and can be great for starting to get back in shape.

  1. Hip and Core Workouts

Hip and core exercises specifically made for new mothers are everywhere nowadays. Workouts focusing on women’s hips are great to make them slender and get back in shape while core workouts will burn the fats located in the tummy area. These two areas are the most affected areas in terms of pregnancy fat which is why is it just right to focus on them to reduce weight. Examples of great hip and core workouts include sit-ups, planks, side planks, and more.

  1. Cardio Exercises

Perhaps the one most effective of all but hardest to do, cardio exercises directly contribute to decreasing weight by improving circulation and your metabolism. Cardio exercises such as swimming and running, even dancing, are very great post pregnancy exercises since they get your metabolism right on track to help you burn that pregnancy weight off.…

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Weight and Thigh Workout for Women

workouts for women

Thighs are usually the weak point of every woman. They say that they would like for them to be slimmer, tighter and firmer. Thighs are two main joints between the hips and knees and have a great role in the stability of the body. There are three main groups of muscles. On the front, those are hip flexors, quadriceps and abductors. On the back, those are gluteus, adductors and hamstrings. Every workout for women should always start with a good warm up. If you skip this part, you are at a great risk of getting hurt. Here are few thigh workout for women that will give you the thighs you dreamed of.


This is the best exercise you can do for your thighs, especially if you do it with a ball. Place one big ball, the one used for Pilates, between your back and the wall. Place your feet in the width of your shoulders, bend your knees and start going slowly down, stay in this position for a couple of seconds and then start going up. Start by doing five squats and then you can slowly increase the number of repetition and the number of sets.

Keep your Balance like a Flamingo

Hold a dumbbell in your left hand and place your right hand on your hip, then lean little bit, lifting a right foot behind. Also, bring left arm forward and then turn the palm of your hand up. Touch the toes for a moment and try to repeat it up to twelve times. After this is done, switch the sides.


Take dumbbells and stand with legs a little bit apart in the width of your thighs. Dumbbells should be five pounds or 8 pounds heavy. Lunge forward with a right leg while strengthening it. The left knee should be about an inch above the ground. Do them slowly and stay in this position for at least ten seconds, repeat ten times, then switch legs.

The key is to do all the exercises slowly until you feel the muscles burning. It is a sign that you are doing it right. Make sure you do them correctly, otherwise you can risk an injury. You may not be able to do many at first, but it will be better in time. Every time you exercise, add one or two more repetitions.

womens workout world

This way, your body will adjust and you won’t have muscle aches every time you finish. After the training is done, do a couple of exercises to stretch your muscles and release the tension. Again, it is crucial to take your time. Hurrying won’t be good for your muscles in the long run. If you implement these tips, you will notice the difference in no time.…

Natural Supplements Sexual

Natural Sex Enhancement Supplements for Women

Natural Sex Enhancement FoodMaybe you miss that aroused moment for some time now and you don’t know what happened as to why it occurred. Well, a lot of factors can be considered such as stress.

However, if you want to feel that urge again and continue to have a good sexual health with your partner then you can try these natural sex enhancement supplements for women which you, and your partner will enjoy at the end.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is one of the oldest natural remedies used by people to combat withdrawal from sex. One of its benefits is to provide you with a better mood. You may always be stressed from work and you gain a bad mood when you come home, so the time your partner asks you to have sex, you decline and just preferably sleep because you’re not in the mood to, but when you start taking tongkat ali, that mood is for sure gone.

Tongkat ali reduces cortisol, cortisol is the hormone that gives stress to people, it is proven that taking tongkat ali reduces the effects of mood swings which can lead to healthier relationships and healthier sex life for you.

Another thing it does is that it fires up your libido support. No matter what your gender is tongkat ali boosts your testosterone which can boost your sexual desire in no time. It has been scientifically proven and tested by many.

Dark Chocolate

Nope, you didn’t read it by mistake because it’s totally true. Dark chocolates help female libido boost up by increasing nitric acid and promoting blood flow to your sexual organs and this is made possible simply because dark chocolate contains L-arginine which is known as a natural sex enhancer for both sexes. With this, you no longer need to go anywhere far for they might just be around the corners of your house just waiting for you to pick them up and start improving your libido.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is among the endangered plants of the world today, but despite being endangered they help you with your libido problems. Gingko biloba also helps you by improving blood flow to your sexual organs as well as to other parts of your body such as the brain, they provide a relaxant effect on muscle tissue which is an important sexual response.

A single dose of Gingko Biloba greatly improves your physiological health including your sexual health that maybe suitable for your current needs as a woman.

Not only that, Gingko Biloba contains numerous good effects and they are either for short time or good for long time which may be very beneficial for you and for every woman out there who are currently suffering from libido problems and can’t please their partners when night comes.

You should always remember the one thing that can make your relationship successful with your spouse is to keep everything in spice especially when it comes to your sex life.…

Ways for Flat Tummy

Simple Ways for Flat Tummy for Women

Once upon a time, women don’t care much about their tummies but with this generation that you are in now, most women just want to be fit and nothing else.

While others are enjoying their gifted flat tummies, many women are also suffering from bellies in which they want to get rid in no time. So here are simple ways for flat tummy for women.

Go for low carb diet

low carb dietUp for a flat stomach? This is now the time to cut that high carb diet down and be contented with low carb diet. You all know that carbs can make you gain weight and cutting them down also means that you can mostly maintain a good shape.

Having about 580 grams of calories per day is essential for maintaining a flat tummy, avoid having extra calories for better results.

Avoid eating and lying down

This is the 2nd thing you should avoid when you want to have a nice and flat tummy all the way. If you are wondering why your stomach does get a little bigger whenever you eat and then lay down immediately well that is basically because when you are lying down food will not properly be digested and will eventually end up in indigestion.

The most appropriate position to do when you want a flat tummy even when eating a lot is to stay sitting or standing up for about 2 hours, this way you are promoting digestion in your body without resulting in indigestion.

Do some walking

Jugging and walkingOf course, aside from eating healthy foods you should also engage in some exercise. Going for a walk for about 30 minutes daily can boost your metabolism and will help in burning fat in your belly more effectively.

You should also be dedicated when doing this simple exercise because this can help you a lot in the long run.

Go for foods with more Calcium

Calcium Rich FoodsWhile you are avoiding carbohydrates, you should also have a high calcium diet. Having a high calcium diet is probably the best way to have a healthier body weight, you can add low fat milk to your everyday breakfast and you can expect a flat tummy in no time.

Also, dairy product diet which includes the minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium aids you balance bloat by lessening sodium in your very own system.…

Body Shaper For Women

Best Body Shaper Garment For Women

The body shaper is not well known by the majority of the people. The idea behind bodyshaper for women is great, but we need also need to look into the advantages and disadvantages. There are some flaws in some shaper for women which might be very difficult to detect. Also, there are some significant benefits one is bound to derive from using a body shaper. Body shaper for women is one of the most commonly discussed topics.

Are you asking yourself if its possible to lose weight without going through a workout routine, diet plan or surgery? If it’s likely to lose weight by just putting up a body shaper, why are those spending tons of money on surgery for the same quest and why going through the stress of going to the gym for the same quest?

It might also have come to your notice that at some point in every year, tons of weight loss products start popping out. This usually occurs when most people are looking for a way of getting rid of excess fat. Note, in every decision we take; there are always advantages and disadvantages. Same implies to body shaper for women.

We all know that gaining weight is easier than losing weight because the task is daunting. Is there anyone who won’t be interested in shedding some weight the easiest and fastest way?

We will be discussing the wonders and flaws of body shaper for women and men. Sure you will be delighted to know the truth from illusion as we go into discussing the pros and cons of body shaper for women. We need to talk about “understanding body shaper for women before going into the pros and cons.

Understanding Body Shapers For Women

Body shaper has been around for centuries bearing different names. Most people know them to be body girdle, body corsets or foundation garment. It has been an old practice for women to try to shape their body into what they desire.

Its advisable for everyone who intends to get a body shaper to do a thorough research, to ascertain the best body shaper that will suit their body type and shape.

Body Slimmer:

Body slimmer is different from a body shaper. Though, it sounds complicated, but not to worry. Body shaper does slim the body while also shaping it. But not all body slimmer shapes the body. Majority of body slimmer is of light-weight elements. Such elements include the following:

  • Flexees
  • Yummie
  • Tummie
  • Slimpressions
  • Spanx
  • Lycra spandex
Body Shapers:

A real body shaper will slim your body and also shape it to look good. It makes the body add more curves and shapes where the body has none. It flattens your tummy, shedding few pounds of fat from your waistline and also lifting your buttocks.

Body Enhancers:

Its a piece of product that enhances a particle part of the body. It can also be a whole body enhancer that performs both slimming and shaping functions. An example of a body enhancer is a padded pant. It can make your buttocks and hips bigger.


1. You will shorten 2-3 garments sizes in 10 minutes. Ten minutes will be the amount of time that it takes to access it.

2. After the preliminary fitting, expect it to take only 2-3 minutes to put up the shaper.

3. Your body shaper provides you great back support. After you begin wearing it, you will feel as though somebody is in your back, holding it erect, which will make you feel pleasant.

4. Your body will get an instant hourglass figure. With the design of the garments, it can intensify your curves, tucks, shed and decrease your undesired fat.

5. When you wear your body shaper for the first time, it will boost your self-esteem. Making you feel more confident and happy with your new look as it will make the fat disappear.

6. You will shed some pounds. Body shaper will make you shed inches of fat if worn for 4-6hrs every day.

7. It will also encourage you to do whatever you ought to do quickly, giving you more confidence as a result of the positive outcome from wearing it.


1. You will need the assistance of someone else to put it on. Always be ready for a struggle in wearing it as it could be daunting at times.

2. There is always a need for a helping hand to wear your body shaper. It will be very challenging and difficult to wear if you are alone. To make the wearing easier, you need someone around to fix the hooks for you.

3. Always remember to set aside some time for wearing your body shaper to avoid delay and lateness in some other task.

4. Body shaper for women is always tight at the abdominal area, and this might make you uncomfortable, especially for the first users.

5. Will make you prepare yourself for the bathroom break before the last moment, as undoing the shaper can be time-consuming and tedious to fasten back.

6. The whole body shaper is considered too expensive.

These are some of the pros and cons of body shaper for women. As said earlier, every decision we make comes with advantages and disadvantages. There are always price to pay for shedding excess weight and looking fabulous. Losing weight could be very frustrating and tedious.

When you use weight loss supplements, you dont get to see immediate result while the body shaper will give you instant result to that effect. But there is a price to pay for that, which is the high prices of body shaper for women.

Choose The Best Body Shaper to achieve Great Body Physique


Everyone desire to look great in their outfit.

But the truth is that not everyone has the ideal body. Some women don’t wear their desired garments because their body structure won’t permits great fittings.

Choose the right style for you.

Body shaper for women comes in various styles and it’s paramount that you choose the one that will best address the particular body problem you want to fix.

Go for the right size.

getting the right style is as important as getting the right size. Using a wrong size can conflict with your body structure, affect your digestive system and also make you uncomfortable. A smaller size of body shaper will likely lead to fat spills and flesh bulge while the larger size than normal wont be effective in any form to achieve your quest for body shaping. Try to know your size first, and then select the right style.

Fit before purchase.

It’s better to try it on to ascertain how much it fits your body before making full payment. Do a sitting test to be sure you will be comfortable when you wear it and sitting. If you feel awkward and hard when doing your sitting test, that means the size it not right for you.

If you are purchasing it online, make sure all the measurement you have are accurate and don’t forget to use the size chart for guidelines.

In case you not too sure about your body measurement, don’t hesitate to ask for support to make the right selection. Also find out about their return policy, to know if your purchase is covered should anything go wrong with your order.


workout regimen

3 Tips For Weight Lifting Beginner Female

3 Tips For Weight Lifting Beginner FemaleA perfect sexy figure doesn’t need to be only a dream – it can become reality with few tips from expert trainers. In order to go out from your comfort zone and define your muscles perfectly, you must watch your daily routine, eat healthy, keep a balanced diet and start slowly with weight lifting. You will start getting tons of compliments in no time.

Create an exercise plan

Focus on the main exercises you wish to perform. Choose 7 or 8 that will give you the definition you want. It is much easier to remember 8 exercises that 15, right? Every time you exercise, work on a different set of muscles.

You can make a Monday day for working on your leg muscles, Wednesday for booty and Friday for arms. Try to have at least two days to rest a group of muscles you were working on, so you provide the recovery it needs.

Here is an exercise plan you can try, but remember, what feels good to one person may not make you feel good:

  1. Barbell squat
  2. Barbell deadlift
  3. Push-up
  4. Incline bench press
  5. Military press
  6. Pull up
  7. Seated cable row
  8. Ab roller

Exercises regularly

Eat Properly

If you want your muscles to perform perfectly, you must provide the right fuel to it, such as:

  • Lean meats
  • Vegetables
  • Soya
  • Shakes rich in protein
  • Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Rise

These will give the right amount of energy and it will also improve your skin tone and contribute to the overall condition of your health. Choose natural ingredients over sweets, since they will release a great amount of sugar and help you at the moment, but in the long run, the result won’t satisfy you. The sugar from sweets and chocolates will turn into fat rather than muscle.

Keep your eyes on the prize

There will certainly be times when you will want to give up, but add a little extra effort and keep going. It will be worth it. When you need to take a break, take it. It will give you time to recover and bring back the motivation you need. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your body. Every time you have the training you will get a step closer to the image you want to see in a mirror.…

Weightlifting and Fitness

The Hidden Benefits of Women’s Fitness Strength Training

Benefits of Women Strength Training

I think it is safe to say that all of us know that if we integrate strength training as a method of fitness that females are going to get muscle mass. But, this is just one advantage behind women’s fitness strength training!


Female Strength Exercise

These are my leading factors for promoting strength training, aside from the offered advantage of looking AMAZING.

Boost strength. If you get muscle that clearly you are going to acquire strength at the exact same time. This brand-new found strength will make any women feel more independent and effective! Simply think you might not need your loved one to open the pickle container.

Decline Fat. Producing muscle takes a great deal of work from your body. The body’s metabolic process will increase so to make up for the boost need of fuel. And the natural place for this fuel to come? Your fat. So you increase your lean muscle mass and wave excellent bye to the love deals with that every lady dislikes.

Boost bone density. As women get older their bodies begin to earn less estrogen. Estrogen is very useful for keeping our bones strong and solid. With this drop and the natural propensity to reduce activity with age osteoporosis is a practically ensure nowadays. BUT with weightlifting this can be kept.

The stress that you put on the bones throughout weight baring exercise real promotes bone conditioning and it is the actions these days that can help you out in the future. So by having weightlifting regular females can reduce their danger of the curved bad posture and a damaged hip!

Battle the influenza. Remaining active promotes a healthy way of life all the way around, consisting of the body immune system. Your body immune system will remain strong and keep those nasty bacteria away! But also remember there is too much of an excellent thing.

Sure a well-balanced exercise program will keep the bugs away but over training can in fact result in a reduced effective body immune system! Stay wise and keep exercises 3-5 times weekly and never ever longer than 90 minutes.


Her Body Flexible

Hey there Dolly! The enhancements to your body and the dedication that you advance are going to make you look much better. Self-confidence in and out of the weight space will sky rocket. People will discover this boost in self-confidence and your appeal will ache! People will ask you for guidance and listen because the aura you shine will have them searching for at you.

Never ever look a day older than 30! Exercise has been revealed to slow the aging procedure. This is most likely for a couple of factors: 1. routine exercise keeps your body looking young and fit. Most of routine exercisers are also healthy in other elements. Low levels of alcoholism, cigarette smokers, heavy “junk food eaters”, and much healthier way of lives all together.



Enhanced life. This kind of goes on from above but fitness is a way of life not simply a short-term option. Women that rely on strength training will be less most likely to struggle with such dreadful burdens such as anxiety, stress and anxiety, diabetes, weight problems, cardiovascular disease, cancers, dullness, and so on. Weightlifting is a fantastic exercise because it can be altered all the time. Sick of a specific exercise? Great, do something else!

So there you have it. The leading 7 reasons females must have a fitness strength training program. If there is insufficient here to encourage you then perhaps you simply do not wish to be encouraged.…

Women’s Fitness – A Fun Way to Always Get Your Exercise

Women Fun Fitness

Does your fitness suffer because of your schedule? It’s hard to obtain up, get to the fitness center, and exercise before work when your workday starts at the daybreak to the tune of the rooster’s crow.

For some that can be a 5:00 a.m. start or earlier. And if you’re anything like me, I need a gallon of inspiration to carry out an afternoon exercise as well as then it often includes dragging’ myself to the fitness center one limb at a time … and each individual toe independently.

Still, if this is the schedule you keep, it does not mean that exercise needs to be postponed. Here is a women’s fitness idea to assist keep your exercise on track. And the options will take you back to your days of youth … and rather truthfully keep your exercise fun too!


Ladies group Fitness

Women’s fitness suggestion: Remember leaping jacks, dive rope, hopscotch, and hula hoops. (I know you’re smiling currently.) Those were good times when we as kids would play throughout the day and not go within till the sun decreased … often even later on. Well, now you can relive those memories but this time as a huge lady. Plus, you can do these fun things and get your exercise in at the very same time … without leaving home.

Get a dive rope and dive for 10 minutes. Do variations like avoiding, double time, and so on. Do leaping jacks standing in place for a couple of minutes or change it up and leap side to side and front to back. How about the hula hoop or hopscotch? You can also even simply go through the movements on any of these workouts if you do not have the devices.

And your strength level and period of exercise depends on you depending upon what your objectives are. Nevertheless, the minimum quantity of time ought to be 10 minutes. And preferably you would wish to try to accomplish a moderate level of effort. Get your heart rate to about 55 to 60% of max.

See, the essence in opting for this technique is that you are doing something to obtain your heart pumping and blood streaming. Much like the men, women’s fitness needs you to raise your heart rate in order to keep your heart strong and healthy. If you did this activity 3 different times throughout the day, you will even have satisfied the suggestion of 30 minutes each day of exercise on an almost everyday basis.


Meditation Fitness Female

Now you might still be believing that you need to get up too early simply to go to work and there’s no chance you can get up any earlier. To that I would recommend that we are just speaking about 10 minutes … alright possibly 15 since you’ll most likely wish to put some shoes on and perhaps clothes to exercise in. But aside from that … if awakening 15 minutes previously is too tough then how about devoting to going to bed 15 minutes previously.

Begin, we’re discussing your body here, your health … your life! I’d say you’re worth it. And, it is simpler than you may initially think. It’s like a little play time to start your day. Plus, you will feel a lot better about yourself and your health after you do it.

So let’s go! Dive rope, hula hoop or move your hips as if you were hooping it up, and do some leaping jacks. It’s practically similar to when you were a kid. Now you can consider your women’s fitness regular similar to it playtime. Hmmm, all that’s missing out on is your buddy from next door!…