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Weight and Thigh Workout for Women

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Thighs are usually the weak point of every woman. They say that they would like for them to be slimmer, tighter and firmer. Thighs are two main joints between the hips and knees and have a great role in the stability of the body. There are three main groups of muscles. On the front, those are hip flexors, quadriceps and abductors. On the back, those are gluteus, adductors and hamstrings. Every workout for women should always start with a good warm up. If you skip this part, you are at a great risk of getting hurt. Here are few thigh workout for women that will give you the thighs you dreamed of.


This is the best exercise you can do for your thighs, especially if you do it with a ball. Place one big ball, the one used for Pilates, between your back and the wall. Place your feet in the width of your shoulders, bend your knees and start going slowly down, stay in this position for a couple of seconds and then start going up. Start by doing five squats and then you can slowly increase the number of repetition and the number of sets.

Keep your Balance like a Flamingo

Hold a dumbbell in your left hand and place your right hand on your hip, then lean little bit, lifting a right foot behind. Also, bring left arm forward and then turn the palm of your hand up. Touch the toes for a moment and try to repeat it up to twelve times. After this is done, switch the sides.


Take dumbbells and stand with legs a little bit apart in the width of your thighs. Dumbbells should be five pounds or 8 pounds heavy. Lunge forward with a right leg while strengthening it. The left knee should be about an inch above the ground. Do them slowly and stay in this position for at least ten seconds, repeat ten times, then switch legs.

The key is to do all the exercises slowly until you feel the muscles burning. It is a sign that you are doing it right. Make sure you do them correctly, otherwise you can risk an injury. You may not be able to do many at first, but it will be better in time. Every time you exercise, add one or two more repetitions.

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This way, your body will adjust and you won’t have muscle aches every time you finish. After the training is done, do a couple of exercises to stretch your muscles and release the tension. Again, it is crucial to take your time. Hurrying won’t be good for your muscles in the long run. If you implement these tips, you will notice the difference in no time.…