Ways to Reduce Belly Weight with a Post Pregnancy Exercise

antenatal exercises

Pregnancy can be the best thing that happened to you. After 9 grueling months of carrying your precious one inside you, your life suddenly enters a new paradigm called parenthood.

Unfortunately, after giving birth to your child, some things may have been left inside you such as the essential fats needed for pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman enters a body state where she would need to gather and save up excess calories to ensure that the baby is healthy.postpartum workout

After the pregnancy, these things still remain inside mothers and would now be called “baby weight.”

This certain weight contributors are very crucial and important during pregnancy but after giving birth they can do more harm to you than good. Baby weight contributors are real weight contributors which mean that if not monitored well and removed, mothers can fall to the risk of being overweight and develop diseases in line with that.

Fortunately however, a lot of mothers have already developed numerous ways in order to shake the fat and weight off. Here are some ways you can reduce pregnancy weight with exercises:

  1. Yoga

Although not often discussed, yoga can actually play a big role in decreasing pregnancy weight. Yoga is a great post pregnancy exercise not in a sense that it can directly cause your body to lose weight but because it increases self-awareness.

During pregnancy, your body focuses on keeping a baby healthy but through yoga your body can get back to focusing on itself and removing what needs to be removed. All in all, yoga is a diverse activity with many styles and can be great for starting to get back in shape.

  1. Hip and Core Workouts

Hip and core exercises specifically made for new mothers are everywhere nowadays. Workouts focusing on women’s hips are great to make them slender and get back in shape while core workouts will burn the fats located in the tummy area. These two areas are the most affected areas in terms of pregnancy fat which is why is it just right to focus on them to reduce weight. Examples of great hip and core workouts include sit-ups, planks, side planks, and more.

  1. Cardio Exercises

Perhaps the one most effective of all but hardest to do, cardio exercises directly contribute to decreasing weight by improving circulation and your metabolism. Cardio exercises such as swimming and running, even dancing, are very great post pregnancy exercises since they get your metabolism right on track to help you burn that pregnancy weight off.

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