Simple Ways for Flat Tummy for Women

Ways for Flat Tummy

Once upon a time, women don’t care much about their tummies but with this generation that you are in now, most women just want to be fit and nothing else.

While others are enjoying their gifted flat tummies, many women are also suffering from bellies in which they want to get rid in no time. So here are simple ways for flat tummy for women.

Go for low carb diet

low carb dietUp for a flat stomach? This is now the time to cut that high carb diet down and be contented with low carb diet. You all know that carbs can make you gain weight and cutting them down also means that you can mostly maintain a good shape.

Having about 580 grams of calories per day is essential for maintaining a flat tummy, avoid having extra calories for better results.

Avoid eating and lying down

This is the 2nd thing you should avoid when you want to have a nice and flat tummy all the way. If you are wondering why your stomach does get a little bigger whenever you eat and then lay down immediately well that is basically because when you are lying down food will not properly be digested and will eventually end up in indigestion.

The most appropriate position to do when you want a flat tummy even when eating a lot is to stay sitting or standing up for about 2 hours, this way you are promoting digestion in your body without resulting in indigestion.

Do some walking

Jugging and walkingOf course, aside from eating healthy foods you should also engage in some exercise. Going for a walk for about 30 minutes daily can boost your metabolism and will help in burning fat in your belly more effectively.

You should also be dedicated when doing this simple exercise because this can help you a lot in the long run.

Go for foods with more Calcium

Calcium Rich FoodsWhile you are avoiding carbohydrates, you should also have a high calcium diet. Having a high calcium diet is probably the best way to have a healthier body weight, you can add low fat milk to your everyday breakfast and you can expect a flat tummy in no time.

Also, dairy product diet which includes the minerals potassium, magnesium and calcium aids you balance bloat by lessening sodium in your very own system.

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